Sara El-Ateif

Software Project Management Research Team, ENSIAS, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.


El Jadida, Morocco

Google Ph.D. Fellow / NVIDIA Instructor & Univeristy Ambassador

I graduated as a State Engineer in Computer Science and Emerging Technologies as a Big Data Engineer Specialist in 2019 from ENSAJ and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning applied to healthcare at ENSIAS. During my graduation internship (last engineering year) I worked on extracting individual information from Moroccan id cards for low quality and small images dataset and became mesmerized by computer vision applications using ML. As I am a huge fan of the medical sicences, and needed research experience to get my dream job, I engaged in a PhD that tackles multimodality learning for diseases diagnosis.

I aim to pursue a carreer in the industry that tackles researching new ways AI could help disrupt the healthcare system and improve patients quality of life.

Research Interests

  • Multimodality learning (fusion of different modalities)
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Efficiency in Deep Learning (less data & computation)
  • Applied AI in the medical field


Apr 29, 2022 Recently became an NVIDIA University Ambassador and Instructor. I am certified to deliver: Fundamentals of Deep Learning and Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection DLI workshops.

selected publications